Take A Refreshing Tour of the Vineyards in India

Take A Refreshing Tour of the Vineyards in India

A well-planned tour of the vineyards can bring you close to the Bordeaux’s best or a rendezvous with the famous winemakers in Italy. However, in case you are visiting India, there are many vineries which may interest you and also ensure some exotic wines for your palate. Connoisseurs are busy in predicting an upsurge in the wine production and sales from the Indian wineries and with wine tourism picking its speed, a detour to the vineries and wine tasting sessions can definitely be part of a great holiday package.
The York Winery which is close to Nasik allows guided tours which allows one to see the entire wine making process. During wine tasting sessions, one can relish the delicate flavours and sweet aroma of their favourite wine with cheesy crème, seafood or sandwich. One can relax in the comfort of their balcony with a glass of their favourite wine and soothing music for company.


The Grover Zampa vineyards are carrying on their rich legacy brought in by rich pedigree of French grape vines introduced in the southern part of India near Bangalore in the 1980s. By guided tours and wine education, they have been able to enhance the experience of the refreshing tours of the vineyards. A wine tour allows you to relish unforgettable meals, immerse in the beauty of the local culture, get introduced to exotic wines and enjoy some great moments.

Fratelli wines which boasts of vast expanse of vineyards is located in Solapur in Maharashtra. One can easily book packages where they can enjoy stay in the vineyard along with guided tours, wine tasting sessions, delicious meals and great scenic beauty.

Sula vineyards have developed some of the best wines which are relished across the globe. Open to the public for wine educational tours, the vineyards also host wine tasting sessions. At the end of the wine tour, one can actually know about new wines which you won’t have known that ever existed. With brisk breeze, mild climate and a great soil, the vineyards produce wines which are packed with complex flavours. Wine education and guided tours provides information on wine growing, collection and tasting along with the different intricacies of the wine making process.




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